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leisured adj : free from duties or responsibilities; "he writes in his leisure hours"; "life as it ought to be for the leisure classes"- J.J.Chapman; "even the artist and the sculptor were not leisured men"- Ida Craven

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  1. Having leisure, having time that need not be dedicated to work.
    The leisured class may produce great advances in the arts, or it may fritter away its time.


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affluent, at leisure, at liberty, at loose ends, available, disengaged, fallow, free, idle, jobless, leisure, leisured, lumpen, moneyed, monied, off, off duty, off work, open, otiose, out of employ, out of harness, out of work, prosperous, retired, rich, semiretired, spare, unemployable, unemployed, unoccupied, wealthy, well-to-do
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